Monday, 31 January 2011

Rescue me

When I was in my early 20's I loved the look of acrylic/gel nails (not too long thou), and with the job I was doing at the time my nails needed to look perfect.

I had gel nails for about two years and when I made the decision to have them removed - mainly down to the cost of how much it was to look after them. My real nails were a state, they were thin, peeled and couldn't grow. At the time I used some rescue treatments from America that seemed to do the trick. 

Since then I can't go a day without colour on my nails and they seemed to get to a certain length and start to peel and split. Not very nice and also means I am forever painting my nails. 

So when looking in Boots for a miracle cure I came across 'The Nail Doctor', this is a brand I have never come across before or even heard of so I thought I would give it a go. I liked the sound of the 'Rescue Me' which is a 10 day treatment. 

So I am giving it a go and really hope that it makes a difference and my nails stop peeling. I was thinking about putting a photo up to show how bad my nails are, but have decided that I wouldn't put you all through that.

Are there any great treatments that you know of and like?

Screen Actors Guild Awards 2011

The following are a few of my favourite outfits from the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta

Sarah Hyland in Max Mara

Dianna Agron in Chanel

Hilary Swank in Versace

Natalie Portman in Azzaro
The 'Glee' girls looked amazing and Lea Michele doesn't seem to be able to put a foot out of place with the amazing dresses she has been wearing recently. She has a great stylist! 

Are there any favourites from the night that you loved?

Source: Gossip Center

It's no secret

That I have a girl crush on Mila Kunis and I personally love the outfit she wore for the 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Mila looked stunning in the Alexander McQueen gown with her hair loose and a gorgeous clutch bag.

I can't wait to see what she wears for the Oscars next month.

Source: Gossip Center

Sunday, 30 January 2011


Even though it is so cold outside (the weatherman is saying it's going to snow again - which I hope it doesn't.) the sun has been shining and is warm when sitting in it. Bambi found a great hot spot in the living room today.

Apart from Bambi sunbathing and dinner last night, it was pay day this weekend - which has taken forever to arrive. The boy and I have been sorting out our finances for the month ahead and did a very big food shop, which was needed. I hate the wait between Christmas and the end of January, I can never seem to prepare myself for it.

So all in all a good and chilled weekend.

Yummy for my tummy

Last night the boy surprised me with a romantic meal out. I got all dressed and made up and had a great evening. We went to a quiet restaurant with lots of great artwork on the walls and the lights looked like giant snowflakes. 

We have made it our own tradition to always have a cheese board and a glass of Port after our meal, and I loved the cheese 'table' that the restaurant used.

It was such a perfect evening.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Keira Knightley on the cover of ELLE - Mar 11

ELLE UK is loving black and white covers at the moment, and so am I. 

I like Keira Knightley but not too sure if the outfit is 'her'. She has such a small frame but this seems to be drowning her - but I am loving the short hair. Tom Ford has dressed Keira and photographed by Terry Tsioli. I can't wait to sit down and admire the colourful pages over the weekend!

On that note the weekend is here (and payday)!! I don't know why, but this week has really seemed to drag and take forever. I can't wait to be able to enter shops again with money in my purse, after my spending ban of January!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Through the keyhole

I like many others (I'm hoping and not to speak for everyone) loves the opportunity to have a good nose around someone else's home, wardrobe or dare I say it handbag. Always with the persons permission or when they are present of course.

So when I came across the Converted, I fell in love. The above pictures are a hand full of treasured possessions of Mary Kate Steinmiller - the Fashion Market Editor of Teen Vogue in New York and I wanted to share them. I do feel like I should own a demin jacket now thou.

If you were able to have the chance to be nosey into someones home, wardrobe or handbag, who would it be?


Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Please be mine?

I'm not sure if it is my inner child, screaming for these shoes or my adult self thinks they are just too cute!! 

These Jeffrey Campbell shoes were created by Brandy Stone, and I am in love with the baby Stegosaurus in the lucite heel. Just imagine what the matching handbag would look like!

Source: Jeffrey Campbell blog

Monday, 24 January 2011

I'm not going to lie...

But 'River Island' has never been my cup of tea. I can't put my finger on what it is that I'm not keen on, but I know that when I walk into the store I want to turn around and walk back out. I know I shouldn't really be admitting this but I want to everyone to understand that what I am about to say is a big shock. I can't even believe I am going to type this. 

I have fallen in love with a skirt...

As soon as I laid my eyes on this item of clothing I knew it has to be in my life, (the skirt in photo one).This is what shocked me, the skirt is from 'River Island'!! 

Once I picked myself up from the floor I braved my nerves and looked at some other items that apperared on my screen from the 'River Island S/S 11' collection and I have to admit I do like some of it. The other photos are a few from the collection and I don't know what the quality is going to be like but I can't wait for the skirt to hit the shops/online. I will be the first in line to get my mits on it and then wear it to death.

Are there any shops that you're not to keen on, but have been surprised by?


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Mila Kunis on the cover of Nylon - Dec 10/Jan 11

I have to admit that I have a tiny bit of a girl crush on Mila Kunis - OK I'm lying I have a big girl crush on her! But when I saw this cover of Nylon magazine I knew I had to look inside. I love these photos of Mila, they look very soft and gentle and the first one is my favourite, it has a great 60/70's vibe to it. 

Mila has been a face or voice on our tv screens for some time now, and her role in the new film 'Black Swan' is very different than anything we have seen her in and I can't wait to watch it.

Below is a quote from the magazine on Mila's role in 'Black Swan':

“It was the most intense training I’ve ever had in my life, and probably will have for anything. I lost 20 pounds, so I went down to 95 pounds. I weigh 117 usually, like today. I looked like Gollum [from The Lord of the Rings].”

Source: Nylon

Friday, 21 January 2011

Woop, woop...


It's here... The weekend is finally here! 

This week seems to of taken forever, but I managed to get out of the office today for a road trip, well a meeting (nothing exciting). 

Thought I'd upload a few photos from the week, all taken with the Hipstamatic on my iphone.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Khloe Kardashian on the cover of YRB - Feb 2011

I am a big fan of reality tv, I loved 'The Hill's' 'The City' and of course 'Keep up with the Kardashian's' amongst a lot more that are out there on E! and MTV etc.

So it was a nice surprise to see Khloe the youngest of three Karashian sisters step out on her own, and she has taken a big step! She had her hair coloured red - but since been told to dye it back to brown to fit back in with Kim and Kourtney for the tv show. She has her own cover for YRB which, as you can see from the photos are very edgy and a great showcase of the other side to her.

Perez Hilton was the interviewer for the artical and I think Khole has come across really well. You can read the artical here.


Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Happy Hump day

I really didn't want to get up this morning. I still can't get into the swing of working after the Christmas break. But it is Wednesday (Hump day) and I am already thinking about the weekend.

I moved into my new house (after having to live with the parents for a while) back in November and have only had family over to visit since the move. Myself, the Boy and Baz (my dog, who you can see here) have been enjoying our time together and having our own space, which is fantastic! But this weekend we have invited some friends to sleep over, and because everyone is poor till pay day we are going to stay in and have a games night!! I'm thinking 'Will and Grace' style...

As well as board games, we will be drinking lots of wine and I'll be cooking chicken and king prawn fajitas (don't knock it till you've tried it)!

So roll on the next two days... What are your plans for the weekend? Go on make me jealous...

Source: weheartit

The big fish fight

Channel 4's top chefs join forces in the Big Fish Fight championing sustainable seafood and celebrating lesser known delicacies of the deep.

Gordon Ramsay's documentary 'Shark Bait' really got to me and I found it so upsetting and moving. Gordon is a big shark lover, and his passion leads to his most personal investagation to date. This documentary follows Gordon investigating the controversial dish of shark fin soup.

I have never tried shark fin soup and never will after watching this program. It shows Gordon travelling to Taiwan and Costa Rica where shark fishing is very popular. But the fishermen only want the fins from the sharks, the body from the shark is thrown over board or taken to the dock and thrown away. This is heartbreaking as the number of sharks is dropping every year and in Gordon's words 'the soup tastes of nothing, it is like noddles'.

If you missed any of the documentaires you can watch them here.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011



My blog is a few weeks old and as well as being about fashion, beauty, celebs etc. I also want to share my thoughts, feelings and parts of my life. 

And a BIG part of my life is my dog Bambi (Baz). She is a 14 year old staffy cross and I have had her since she was a pup, she is my bestest friend and I believe anyone who owns a dog would agree with me. She doesn't judge me, care if I am wearing make up, she's there for me when I am down and makes me smile. 

Even thou she is an 'older' dog she still acts like a pup, loves her walks and playing with her favourite toys. The only difference is she sleeps lots which I wish I could do more of.

Olivia Palermo in Vogue Spain - Jan 2011

After my last Olivia Palermo post, I thought I would post something a lot more recent from this year. I am loving the black and white photos that have been used in the shoot. She looks glamorous and elegant, her skin looks amazing and the clothes look great on her. 

I think out of all five pictures above, I love the first one the most.

Source: Vogue EspaƱa