Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The big fish fight

Channel 4's top chefs join forces in the Big Fish Fight championing sustainable seafood and celebrating lesser known delicacies of the deep.

Gordon Ramsay's documentary 'Shark Bait' really got to me and I found it so upsetting and moving. Gordon is a big shark lover, and his passion leads to his most personal investagation to date. This documentary follows Gordon investigating the controversial dish of shark fin soup.

I have never tried shark fin soup and never will after watching this program. It shows Gordon travelling to Taiwan and Costa Rica where shark fishing is very popular. But the fishermen only want the fins from the sharks, the body from the shark is thrown over board or taken to the dock and thrown away. This is heartbreaking as the number of sharks is dropping every year and in Gordon's words 'the soup tastes of nothing, it is like noddles'.

If you missed any of the documentaires you can watch them here.

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  1. Love Gordon Ramsay! Cute blog, keep going!