Monday, 17 January 2011

Double take...

While looking through the Golden Globes photos I had to do a double take, one of the names didn't seem to match up to the photos I was looking at. The person was Claire Danes, she looks amazing! I didn't recognise her and she is so different to her 'So called life' days. (I know she has grown up and had other acting roles since then, but... Wow!)

I love her Calvin Klein Collection dress, with minimal jewellery. Her hair and make-up look great. A big thumbs up.

Claire Danes won a globe for the 'Best performance by an actress in a mini-series or a motion picture made for TV' for her role in 'Temple Grandin'.

Source: Gossip Centre & The Washington Post


  1. wow, I wouldn't have recognized her either. the dress is stunning!

  2. She looked fantastic! My favourite was Dianne Agron but Claire Danes was a close second.