Sunday, 23 January 2011

Mila Kunis on the cover of Nylon - Dec 10/Jan 11

I have to admit that I have a tiny bit of a girl crush on Mila Kunis - OK I'm lying I have a big girl crush on her! But when I saw this cover of Nylon magazine I knew I had to look inside. I love these photos of Mila, they look very soft and gentle and the first one is my favourite, it has a great 60/70's vibe to it. 

Mila has been a face or voice on our tv screens for some time now, and her role in the new film 'Black Swan' is very different than anything we have seen her in and I can't wait to watch it.

Below is a quote from the magazine on Mila's role in 'Black Swan':

“It was the most intense training I’ve ever had in my life, and probably will have for anything. I lost 20 pounds, so I went down to 95 pounds. I weigh 117 usually, like today. I looked like Gollum [from The Lord of the Rings].”

Source: Nylon


  1. these photos are gorgeouss.. love your blog! following :)

  2. lovely blog!!!

  3. Mila is so beautiful :)
    The first photo is my favorite!
    stop by sometime, xx natalie

  4. Yep. I totally have a girl crush on her too. So fab.

  5. I thought she was AMAZING in Black Swan! And she's truly stunning! Love these photos as well :)


  6. yeah, I think I could develop a girl crush on her, too :)

  7. Agreed. She is stunning in this shoot. The topshop sparkle hotpants are rad.


  8. Mila is soooooooooooooo cOOL!!!! We are with ya on the girl crush!!! 95 pounds is sooooo scary light!!! The movie was sooooo INCREDIBLE and her intense training really made her really look like a prima ballerina! These Nylon pics are stunning..she looks like a 70s fashion icon!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  9. Holy moly - she looks beautiful in these photos (she always does, but these are particularly striking). I still haven't seen Black Swan but have heard amazing things. I can't believe she got down to 95!