Sunday, 13 February 2011

A chilled out Sunday

Once again another weekend has flown by. On Friday I took myself off to the hairdressers for a well needed trim, and bought a small size of the Moroccan oil. I know I must be behind the times as this product has been raved about for a while but I thought I'd give it a go. So fingers crossed it doesn't leave me in a greasy mess.

Also the items I ordered have arrived, I mentioned them in this post. The bag can still fit all my life in (and more) as there is zip at the bottom that expands! I am also loving the nail polish, in different lights it does look like a different colour, it needs three coats to make sure that the nail is fully covered. I can't wait to order glitter based ones as they look amazing on the samples I have seen (I googled them).

As well as treating myself on Friday, the boy and I spent a lot of time on Saturday cleaning the house ready for his dad and other half to join us for a home cooked meal in the evening. Through out the downstairs of the house is wooden and slate flooring and it amazes me how fast dust bunnies appear and grow. Sunday as been spent chilling and catching up on watching 'The Human Planet' which I have found really interesting to watch.

Source: HQhair and Ken Kaiser

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