Monday, 14 February 2011

It's Valentines Day...

I hope all you lovely people received something nice from a loved one? If not don't worry, it's only a made up holiday for card companies to make lots and lots of money.

The boy and I are not very big believers in the day, so only exchanged cards this morning. I did buy him a bag of 'mini eggs' thou (does that class as a present?) but only because I wanted a bag of 'creme eggs' - 2 for £2!!! How could I say no, but also didn't want to feel like a heffer lump - share the guilt.

I think if you love some who is your world, you should show them and remind them every day. Not have a day set aside when everyone else does it. But I would of been a little bit moody if I didn't get anything. Oh I'm a contradiction to myself.

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