Thursday, 24 March 2011

Love for Pamela

Since there is a lot of love for Pamela Love and her amazing designs, which I must admit that I have fallen head over heels with. Granted I don't own any of her pieces but there is no harm in using the power of my mind to wish.

The above photos are from 'The Coveteur' that links into the Teen Vogue website. As I have mentioned here, I love a good nose around a house, wardrobe or studio, and these photos are no exception.

I love the mood and inspiration boards that are around the studio, they really do reflect her style and designs.


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  2. Hey Lou,

    Great blog. Love Pamela Love!

    So true about skins, but I guess they do have to change it up a bit unfortunately for us! Oh well at least its still going...

    Take care,
    Jordan x

  3. I love peeks into artists' and designers' studios. They're such a reflection of their work.

    If you're interested, I'm hosting a jewelry giveaway:

  4. Beautiful photos- thanks for sharing!

  5. soo awesome!



  6. i LOVE looking around people's houses and studios....and hers is now exception!! she's by far one of the most talented and inspirational jewelry designers out there and i am soooo in love with all of her stuff!!! her studio is even more breathtaking than i ever could have imagined! GREAT post!!! love love love!

    ashley <3

  7. I am in LOVE with all things Pamela Love, although i'm quite unimpressed by the upcoming Topshop collaboration.
    Love Nat, Leather & Lace. X

  8. Absolutely adore these mood boards.

    Do you have mood boards at home?
    I'm in the process of creating my study workplace and MUST have a mood board in there, I can't wait to start posting pictures on it.

  9. Ahhhh love this! and I love your post on Olsens --below! amazing blog, following! xxx

  10. I love snooping through the houses/studios of people as inspiring as this lady. Goh love Pamela Love, and this awesome post!!!! And hopefully the power of both our minds will bring some of her gorgeous pieces our way. I'll pray for us lol

    Btw, AWESOME blog.
    So following.

    x x x x Liv

  11. i love these collection of photos xo

  12. love it.. great inspo, thanks for sharing

  13. Very cool. I love her rings and that purse is amazing!

    XO, Katie
    Running on Happiness

  14. Love these images! Her jewelry is amazing - thanks for sharing!
    xo Emily

  15. love it!!!


  16. nice post!

  17. pamela and everything she does is awsome. great pics you have
    Lydz xX

  18. Loooooove these !!!

    LOVE minnja