Sunday, 13 March 2011

Outfit love

Some times I come across a photo the makes my heart skip a beat. It could be an amazing outfit, an item of clothing, accessory or even something to do with interior design (a sign of getting older).

While catching up on my blog reading, I fell in love with the above photo from 'Stockholm Street Style' I love how simple the outfit is, but it is the bag that made me sit up and pay attention. It really works and completes the black and white look. I think it also helps that Poppy Delevigne looks amazing and knows how to work this look!

Unfortunately, there are no outfit details, so if anyone knows where the bag is from, please let me know.


  1. that's gorgeous!!!


  2. Wow, what a great outfit! I love everything from head to toe!

    ~ Erin

  3. I saw this and loved it too!

  4. I love the bag, it really pieces together the whole outfit! I'm afraid I have no idea where it's from though