Thursday, 16 June 2011

Can I get a H2O...

I am rubbish at drinking water, to be honest I think that is an understatement! If there is something sweeter, tastes and is colourful, my drink of choice would be ice cold Diet Coke (after wine of course!). I would rather have a glass of that rather than a glass of water. 

I know and like many others have read and been told about the benefits of drinking the tasteless, clear stuff and have decided it is time to take action and start drinking more water. 

To help me with my quest I have a two litre bottle of pure water sat on my desk at work that I aim to drink by the end of my working day. So far I am doing well, apart from using the toilet a lot more than I used to ( peeing like a race horse springs to mind). I am still having Diet Coke in the evenings, I can't stop drinking it for love or money.

Do you find it easy to drink a lot of water in a day? 


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