Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Light as a feather

I have always loved feathers, as a child I would collect as many as I could find on walks with my family, I would be drawn to anything thing on the tv or in shops with feathers on. Even as I have grown older, I buy clothes, note pads or cards etc with feather prints. 

For this summer I bought the feather print River Island skirt, which I love and have worn so many times. I also have a gorgeous peacock feather print scarf, with four peacock feathers at the end, which I love dearly. I would have to say that peacock feathers are my favourite. I love the colours and the detail and no two are the same - which applies for nearly all the feathers. 

I think I must of been an Amazon tribesman/woman in the past life, the people who would collect all the feather from brightly coloured birds then design a head dress to attract their own mate.

Source: pinterest & weheartit


  1. I love the feather in the 1st picture - so delicate!
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  2. I have feather earings that I can't wait to wear!


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  3. I absolutely love feathers. I actually have a bag of them on my desk waiting to be used in a DIY project. Great post :)


  4. Loving all these feather shots. All so beautiful and delicate. I also love how you really added something personal to it, and told us how you used to collect feathers as a kid etc..


  5. i love the peacock feather, it is so cute, i was thinking of putting a feather in my hair, but it didn't look cute, and had to take it off. love ya blog!

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  6. Would LOVE to see the new skirt!! Feathers are so much fun! I've recently come across your blog and I'm a new follower! Love it!

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  7. I'm intoxicated with feathers too! I have 2 dresses with feather prints on them that I just wear to the ground ;) Something about their gentleness that magnetizes me



  8. I love feathers! I'm actually putting together a guest post for my blogger friend Emma while she's on vacation in NYC. I'm making feather earrings! They're simple to make and really light.

    I got some amazing feathers from ubTribe on Etsy.