Friday, 17 June 2011

The newest member

Last night the boy and I went and looked at some kittens, and this little ball of fluff has won my heart. She is only 3 weeks old and is so cute. 

She sat on my lap and didn't make a fuss or call for her mum, and I knew I had to have her. 

We are picking her up towards the end of July and I am going to book some time off work to make sure she settles in and Bambi is nice to her. So our family is going to grow from three to four and I can't wait. 

We are going back to see the kitten in a few weeks, to see how much she has grown and developed her personality. We need to think of a name for her, any suggestions???


  1. Oh wow - she is so gorgeous! <3 x

  2. Oh my days that ball of fluff is simply delightful! I'm in love with her ♥

    Eda ♥