Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Her name is Lola...

...and she is very much a show girl. 

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. Since the arrival of Lola on Friday evening, it has been non stop. The boy and I are loving her and showering her in so much attention, and trying to get her to be friends with Bambi.

To be very honest, it hasn't been love at first sight with Lola and Bambi. Lola has her own room where she can feel safe and has everything that she needs. We are introducing them for short periods of time and have to keep a hold on both of them. Bambi gets very excited and wants to smell Lola and Lola keeps hissing and doesn't want to know. But I am hoping over time it will get easier and they become friends that we can leave in a room together... We shall see, if any of you have tips please let me know.

But the above are a few of the non blurred I have managed to take (most photos are of her sleeping - she moves so fast).


  1. Lola is super cute!! I'm sure over time they'll learn to tolerate each other xoxo

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