Thursday, 14 July 2011

Inspirational Thursday

In January 2010, I had my long hair (just below my arm pits) all cut off to just below my ear lobes, I was bored with my long locks and wanted a change. I also change my hair from blonde to red. 

I am now wishing/wanting/willing for long hair again. Isn't that always the way, you want something you can't have or will take forever to get. My hair is still red, which I like, thinking about going back to blonde and it is just above my shoulders. 

So does anyone have any great overnight tips on how to achieve long healthy hair?

Source: pinterest & weheartit


  1. Would never cut my long hair - love these trussled locks xoxo

  2. amazing photos :)
    I love your blog!!!! xoxo

  3. Your blog is so great, each post inspirational :) I like you style, so lovely.

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  4. I love the fishtail plait look!

  5. I have been growing out my hair as well, and these photos are wonderful!

  6. I dont believe you should cut your hair! You should be original and let it grow naturally!
    Great blog!

  7. Love today's inspiration darling, thankyou!

    Eda ♥

  8. so cute, haha i love the hairstyles, wished my hair grew longer!

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  9. long lovely locks. thanks for making me even more impatient as i grow out my pixie. yikes.

  10. I too just cut my hair shorter, just to the collar bone. Long hair can be gorgeous but I needed a change!

  11. love these photos!

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  12. You just have to hang in there and wait for it to grow! It sucks though...especially when it hits the awkward collarbone length! These are cool pictures...let's just tell ourselves they all have extensions in! We can sleep better thinking that lol!
    Xo Emily

  13. Oh my gosh...the hair! Such a good post. I love it!

  14. prenatal vitamins are supposed to help with hair growth. i've been having the same issue lately though... been trying to grow my hair out forever! i just love the hair in all the pics you posted!! i want it loooong! i haven't tried the vitamin thing, but it has tempted me quite a lot!
    xo dana

  15. Hair extensions!!! Either by a professional or the clip ons you can purchase and do yourself. Just make sure they're made of real hair so that it won't look "fake"...I miss my long hair too...I so want to try the romantic waves on those girls...*sigh*


  16. Apparently trimming occasionally is important for avoiding split ends. I don't trim my hair and it seems to be growing fine. I also recommend using a less harsh shampoo. Shampoos usually really dry out your hair because they get rid of all of the natural oils which make it oh-so soft/shiny. I shampoo for 20 seconds max and I leave in my conditioner for a good 4 minutes. It really helps :P

    Castle Fashion

  17. Such beautiful hair!

    Like another poster mentioned, I heard prenatal vitamins can help with hair growth. I've never tried them though.

    ♥ Gina Michele

  18. Gorgeous inspiration!
    Love all the photos
    Cute blog, this is my first time here :D

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  19. I decided I wanted to change my hair but I always panic and end up just keeping it the same so I have given my hairdresser friend full rein and told her to do what she thinks will look good. I don't think she'll cut it short....I'll probably wrestle her to the ground if she tries...we're doing it tomorrow. Excited/Scared!

  20. I wish my hair is so long. :(

    Nice blog you have there,
    hoping to see you on ours!^^


  21. Hey !
    My hair almost touches my waist, I like it this way but I dream about having a pixie cut, anyways, I don't have the balls to do so !
    I think you should let your hair grow naturally :)

  22. I don't have any new tips on how to achieve long healthy hair, apart from the obvious of good diet, plenty of water and regular hair trims.

    I agree with you though, when you go one way you always want the other!


  23. I have also just cut off my hair! see it here
    I don't miss long hair yet. I would say just enjoy it at the length it is now and you won't notice how long it takes to grow out :0

  24. I used to have really short hair, I had it cut so it just touched my shoulders and although I liked it I didn't feel me. I've grew it for 4 years and get it trimmed every 5-6 months to get rid of split ends. I've never dyed my hair which may add to why it grows so fast? I'm unsure about that though. Other than that I use heat protection on it when I curl or straighen it, and use aussie shampoo and conditioner. Getting it trimmed and patience really is what does it though! hope it helps x

  25. Lots and lots of patience! I swear it takes forever.

    Loving your blog! So glad I found it!

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  26. lovely hair inspiration. always loved mary kate olsens hairstyles. xx

  27. I really enjoy reading your blog, and I like photos!
    See mine if you wish to, I add you to my bookmarks of fav. blogs :D

  28. Oh my goodness! I feel the same way as you, because I did the same thing! Take prenatal vitamins...your hair will grow like a banshee. These pictures are so great. I have been looking for a collection of this style and now I have a source!

    Fabulous blog! It's my new fave! Definitely following. Would love to be bloggy friends and for you to check my blog out and follow if you like also!

    Along Abbey Road

  29. at times i feel like i should cut my hair for a change, but i know i would end up regretting it so it keeps growing and becoming more unmanageable!! but i think only time can grow hair, unfortunately

  30. So, I was going to suggest pre- natal vitamins but seems like some people have beat me to the punch! it's true, they have the extra vitamins that make your hair and nails grow. I've been taking them for about 1 year now since i'm a little obsessed with long hair. I know it sounds weird, especially if you're NOT planning on having babies anytime soon, but just think of it as a multi-vitamin! can't hurt.

  31. Those pics never EVER make me want to cut my hair. I'm naturally brunette and I've been getting blonde highlights for months hoping a pull it off? We always want want we cant have. //

  32. Lovely inspiration, thanks for sharing!

    xoxo Robine @

  33. wow, love the photos :)

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  34. Nice pics!

  35. I wish i didn't cut my hair off! I had long beautiful curls :( Oh well i will get it back!

    This is perfect inspiration!! xx


  36. oooh, all these long locks are SO pretty! As for your own hair? Well, it seems like the only overnight option would be to get extensions ...I have long hair now and I'm thinking of cutting it, but will see. Hope your weekend is a fab one. xx veronika

  37. Fantastic photos!! I simply adore long hair and all of the colors in the photos - I've always been a sucker for light hair, myself having dark locks :)

  38. Massage your scalp daily? I dunno, I heard that somewhere...

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  40. Prenatal vitamins!

  41. i did the same thing a few years ago and, after a year or two, seriously wished i could put my hair in a ponytail again. it's taken me 2 years to get it past my shoulders (extreme conditioning, vitamins, omega-3). i'm sure it will be long again before you know it :)

  42. Love all of these hairstyles! I've been looking for some longer styles to bring into my hair stylist - thanks for the inspiration!!

  43. all these hair photos are gorgeous, and makes me definitely want to take better care of my own. i've been dying to cut it, but now seeing these, i think i'll keep it long :)

    wish i had magic tips, but other than taking good care of it and cutting split ends that's about all you can do to make it grow. some people take fish oil pills i think to help, but not sure it actually does :)

    Beneath the Glass

  44. Prenatal vitamins or splurge and get extensions! But the vitamins really helped repare my long hair and nails!

  45. Who is the second girl on the pictures? She looks so pretty ^-^
    Yes, I cut my hair to and I'm want it long again too, wished my hair grows a little faster.

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  46. I did the same thing! Right after I graduated high school a few years ago, I chopped off my locks. I went from chest length hair to a pixie cut. I've been growing my hair ever since! I loved it short but long hair is so versatile. I deep condition my hair once a week to keep the ends looking healthy, and I take a really good multi vitamin! It seems to be helping!

    This is a really beautiful blog, by the way!

  47. kill me now! hair envy to the max!!! xx

  48. love long hair so much mine is long and love it i can't cut it ;)
    For your hair you have to wait and it's will grow up there is also "levure de bieres" don't know how to say that in english that help to have healthy hair