Wednesday, 27 July 2011

You said how much?

Following the recent launch of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, handbag line for 'The Row' at Barneys. I have seen a few photos of the collection from the launch (how amazing does Ashley look, in the first photo). 

Ashley stepped out in New York this week with one of the bags from 'The Row'. The bag (in photos 2 and 3) is a Crocodile backpack with gold hardware at the toggle, and is the most expensive bag that is featured in the collection, retailing at $39,000 (about £23,749).

I came across a short interview between the Olsen's, explaining their thoughts on this new line, that can be found here.



  1. How can a bag ever be worth that much? And if it's real croc I wouldn't buy it (not that I can afford to anyway!!!

  2. Is said bag lined with platinum?! Anyone who has that much to spend on a bag, has more money than sense!!

  3. ahh what a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a bag. why not donate it to a charity? how many times do you think she actually uses it?

    x. jill

  4. Love MKA they have so much swag & style but did not realize they were charging thousands for their bags! wow!

  5. Oh my god I can't even believe that. I hope this bag is made with the last existing unicorn tear by blind nuns in Tibet under a waxing moon, that is the only thing justification that price tag can have!