Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I need some help...

On Monday morning at 01.01am my friend gave birth to a gorgeous healthy baby boy. The very proud parents have called his Oscar and he already has a head full of hair.

My problem is I don't have a clue what to buy them. This is for a mum (and dad) who have everything and had a wonderful big baby shower, where they were all very spoilt.

So, does anyone have ideas what I can buy them as a 'welcome to the world' gift?

Thank you for any ideas, help or suggestions.


  1. Something with a personal touch that they can keep or something delicious, bake them a congratulation cake or cupcakes! Something thoughtful....congratulations to them darling

    Eda ♥

  2. Tiffany's do some cute baby gifts, or for something personal why not make a gift xoxo

  3. How about offering them a family photoshoot?
    An intimate portrait of the three of them.
    I'm sure you'd do a wonderful job! xx

  4. baby blanket! it's really personal, and a great go to- esp if you know how to quilt, sew, or crochet. I am actually in the process of putting one together myself!

    xoxo bun.

  5. The family photoshoot idea sounds so lovely!

    Also, congrats to your friend. Oscar is such a gorgeous name.

  6. Naw my friends are having a baby too! I'm SOOO excited!!!
    I know what you mean though, it's hard to buy something different, it's usually all the same common stuff hey. I like the baby blanket idea! xx

  7. Thank you for your amazing ideas girls, they are a BIG help.

    Lou -