Saturday, 27 August 2011

A surprisingly good find


While dragging the Boy round the shops this weekend, it became obvious we had to take a pit stop to refuel (I think the huffing and puffing gave it away). We wanted to try somewhere different and stumbled across a restaurant that we couldn't resist trying. 

I instantly fell in love with the style of the place, everything from the logo the decor and the take out packaging, So much so I had to share it with you all. The food was great, staff very friendly and if you are ever in Chichester I recommend paying Amelie and Friends a visit.


  1. Oh my gosh that is the cutest packaging I've ever seen! xo

  2. Looks amazing! That reminds me - I'm hungry!

  3. thanks for posting!! love all the packaging!

    - aimee
    my diy blog: swellmayde

  4. I love all of their details! Thanks for the introduction