Thursday, 25 August 2011

Thinking ahead

Now that the great British weather seems to of left us for another year. I have been browsing the online stores to see what they are offering for Autumn and Winter. It is crazy that I am thinking about the change in season already as it is still August, but it is dark, getting colder and raining.

While looking at River Island I fell in love with a bag (the above photo), I love the colour and the bamboo handle. My normal everyday bag is always black (my safe go to colour, that I match with everything). I think I may change it up this season and go for a dark green - if I am brave enough to follow through with this action is another question.

Do you find that you have a go to bag, that you use every day, rarly change and throw everything in? I am always surprised what I find in mine....


  1. I'd have never guessed it was from RI!!
    I've given you a blog award! Check out my post for more details xoxo

  2. That is such a gorgeous bag - river island have got a lot of nice items in at the moment

    Eda ♥

  3. Love the color! Fantastic! xo

  4. In Italy is still so hot (way too hot) I can't think about anything concerning winter =D
    Have a nice day
    Sara C.

  5. That's such an interesting bag! I love that it has classic elements to it, yet the bamboo and tassles bring some quirkiness :) xx

  6. I am currently in love with two bags from Zara... I can not decide therefore may just *closes eyes* buy both!