Thursday, 8 September 2011

How would your friends describe you?

It is a question that haunts many of us. Picture you are in a job interview and you are asked the question ‘How would your friends describe you?’ You don’t want to say the first thing that pops to your head ‘great drinking buddy’, ‘life and soul of the party’, ‘loves laying in’, ‘spends money as soon as she has it’ etc…. The list is endless! You push those thoughts to the back of your head and think about what the employer would like to hear. You come up with the same old words that he/she has heard lots of times before ‘reliable’, ‘hardworking’, ‘great time keeping’, ‘team player’ and lots of other key words to sell yourself.

Last week a well-respected colleague left our Company to set up his own business. He had worked at the office for nearly eight years and was a branding and design guru. Over the past two years (since I have been at the Company) I have worked with him on projects and got to know him as a colleague and a friend. His parting gift to us all was to write an email, a few lines about each member of staff (there are 25 of us in the Company), his thoughts and feelings and his hopes for the future for each and every one of us.

These are his words to me:

“I regret leaving Lou at this stage, I really do. I feel that I was getting to know her really well and this is a relationship I hope to develop as friends. She is a delightful yet cheeky young lady who genuinely makes time for people. I've witnessed her eagerness to turn her hand to any challenge in order for her to continue her progression. She has a great presence and charm in abundance. She taught me many practical things during my time which I have benefitted from greatly. Yet the one thing she will leave me with is the importance of getting your thoughts out of your head and putting them to good use.”

I know this is self indulgent of me to share, but I thought it was a great example of how others really do think and how people are respected when you may think otherwise. There are some great keywords that I could use, if I do find myself being asked the question - "How would your friends describe you?"

Source: pinterest - I liked the image... nothing to do with the words.

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  1. Such high praise Lou & lovely words, I would have totally blubbed at that! What a great way to part a company. So how would my friends describe me - I'll keep it brief... fun loving, loyal, a go-getter xoxo