Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Let's all get merry on Sloe Gin

We used 1 litre bottels of Gin and granulated sugar

Split the Gin between two bottles (half and half), add 180g of sugar to each bottle

Make sure you pick enough Sloe berries, wash the berries in water

You are now ready to start the fun!

With a cocktail stick pierce the skin of each berry - about 4 - 9 times (depending on the size)

Add the pierced berry to the Gin and sugar mixture

Fill the bottle with berries until the liquid nearly reaches the top (space is needed to turn the mixture)

Once the bottle is filled, place the cap on tightly and shake

Make sure all the sugar moves from the bottom of the bottle, it will look like a snow globe when it is settling

Turn/shake the mixture every day for two weeks or till the sugar dissolves, then turn once a week for the next two/three months. The Sloe Gin will then be ready to be bottled and given as presents for Christmas
At the weekend the Boy and I went to his Dad's house to sit around the kitchen table to make Sloe Gin.

Last year for Christmas my Brother gave us a handmade/brewed bottle of Sloe Gin and we loved it so much we wanted to try it ourselves.

This is a drink that is made from Sloe berries from a Blackthorn bush and a word of warning; they don't taste great if eaten raw!  I am also not a fan of drinking Gin but the berries really do make a difference and make the drink sweeter. Sloe Gin is a great drink to have after a large rich meal and the longer you keep it the more the flavour will develop.

There are lots of different recipes that can be found on line and it is a great present for Christmas. Have you made this before? Do you like Sloe Gin?


  1. Wow! We really do think it tastes good. Perfect for parties.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  2. My hubby has made this before...think we've still got some in the cupboard!!!

  3. Yumyumyum! I looove sloe gin! xx

  4. I never had sloe gin before, but I like gin, and I actually really like sloe berries raw. I like the funny felling you get in your mouth when you eat them. I might give this a try since I just discovered a huge sloe berry bush in the park across the street!