Sunday, 27 November 2011

Round up of the week

GetUp Australia, is an independent organisation, who are working toward a parliament with economic fairness, social justice and environmental sustainability at it's core.

They are doing a lot of work in Australia, but, 'It's time' is one video that stood out for me. 
It made me think, about how easily it is for a persons perspective to change and be thought provoking, about why in 2011 we still seem, in some aspects, to be living like people did 50, 100, 150 and earlier years ago. Should we not all move with the times and accept that everyone has their own right to love and be with that one person.
Even though I live in the UK, I think this is a great message for everyone and not just the people of Australia.


  1. wonderful post! the video is very interesting!
    lovely greets and a good night
    maren anita

  2. omg. such a great message. thanks for sharing, love. I hope you had a fabulous weekend. xo

  3. What a great message xoxo

  4. What an inspiring video! Such an important message.

  5. Great post + very inspiring! Love your blog!


    P.S.- Thanks for getting me into the xmas spirit with your last post :)