Thursday, 15 December 2011

Counting down to Christmas - 10 days

There is only one weekend left till Christmas and I am slightly starting to panic. We haven't put up a tree yet, bought many presents, posted any cards, bought any food, but we do seem to have plenty of alcohol.... One reason that I'm not really feeling the Christmas cheer is the weather. The sun is shining, it is warm outside and there isn't a snow flake in sight. 

To help me find my Christmas spirit, I have put together a selection of images and words, for the run up till Christmas day (I really hope I am feeling it by then). 

How are your Christmas plans? Please don't make me too jealous by how prepared you are.

Source: Pinterest & Tumblr 


  1. I'm getting there slowly but surely...just one more pressie to buy. Don't want any snow though!!!

  2. I've been really excited about heading down to sunny, southern Florida for the holidays but these gorgeous snowy images are making me want to head north and spend Christmas in a winter wonderland.

  3. Pretty pretty pretty! I so hope it snows! xx

    The Londoner

  4. Love the Christmas posts! Have they helped you get into the spirit? These snow photos are lovely. I spent all day yesterday in the kitchen baking cookies. My sugar cookies turned out decent, but they certainly are not as pretty as the ones you found in post above! I wish. :) Happy Holidays!