Monday, 26 March 2012

Home Sweet Home

Nestled in the rolling Surrey Hills, you will find a cottage over looking green fields and the sound of birds singing. 

Last week, Chris and I packed up our bags and said good bye to our home in Chichester and moved to Surrey. It was love at first sight when I saw the cottage and I knew it is the place I wanted to call home, after months of planning and packing we were ready for the move and it has been a wonderful place to start the new chapter of our life.

It isn't all smiles and giggles though. I have had to say good bye to Sky TV (no dish is allowed to be installed on the house), Virgin Media's cables don't reach to the area we have moved to, so this means goodbye E!, MTV, Living, Sky 1 and everything else I enjoyed wasting my time doing and 'Hello' Freeview. This also means that the super fast broadband I was used to is now very slow 'hello dial up wanna be' and the question most asked in the house is 'are you on the Internet again, I need to check *fill in the blank*'. 

But to open our bedroom curtains and see a sun rise like this every morning, I won't miss the mod cons that I seem to of grown dependent on. 

The animals have settled in and are loving the space around them. Lola is loving being able to explore and watch the birds from the windows.

I have been in the house for a week and I am head over heels in love. It is such a big change and it is one for the better, to be out in the country side where the air is fresh, wildlife all around and our family even closer. 

It is pure bliss.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Lauren Conrad - The Coveteur

Sunday nights used to consisted of eating dinner at 8pm, in front of the telly, while watching the latest episode of 'Laguna Beach' on MTV. I loved it! Everyone had their favourite and mine by far had to be Lauren Conrad, her friendship with Lo, the love triangle with Stephen and Kristin and her years in High School. 

When she left it was never really the same, so when 'The Hills' started I loved it is show cased her working and growing her interest at Teen Vogue and developing to work at 'People's Rev'. Her friendship with Whitney was a strong one and emotional when she left for the 'The City' and who could forget the fall out with Heidi! 'You know what you did.....' and 'I'm want to forgive and I want to forget you'. 

As you can tell I loved the show, and since Lauren has left the MTV shows her career has grown and she is doing so well for herself in the world of fashion, make up and writing. So, when one of my favourite websites The Coveteur, had a sneak peek around Lauren's wardrobe I couldn't help but re post. 

I haven't included all of the images, so please visit The Coveteur to view them and their descriptions. 

Source - The Coveteur

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Field & Fork

So, this year hasn't got off to the best start, but, it is starting to look up. We are now in our third month of 2012 and there is a big house move on the cards, that I am more than excited about.

Chris and I recently went for dinner at a great little restaurant the other night. It is called 'Field & Fork' and it is part of an art gallery. The food was amazing and it was a great evening filled with laughter, love and great company.