Thursday, 8 March 2012

Lauren Conrad - The Coveteur

Sunday nights used to consisted of eating dinner at 8pm, in front of the telly, while watching the latest episode of 'Laguna Beach' on MTV. I loved it! Everyone had their favourite and mine by far had to be Lauren Conrad, her friendship with Lo, the love triangle with Stephen and Kristin and her years in High School. 

When she left it was never really the same, so when 'The Hills' started I loved it is show cased her working and growing her interest at Teen Vogue and developing to work at 'People's Rev'. Her friendship with Whitney was a strong one and emotional when she left for the 'The City' and who could forget the fall out with Heidi! 'You know what you did.....' and 'I'm want to forgive and I want to forget you'. 

As you can tell I loved the show, and since Lauren has left the MTV shows her career has grown and she is doing so well for herself in the world of fashion, make up and writing. So, when one of my favourite websites The Coveteur, had a sneak peek around Lauren's wardrobe I couldn't help but re post. 

I haven't included all of the images, so please visit The Coveteur to view them and their descriptions. 

Source - The Coveteur


  1. I love her too! I'm gonna have a sneaky peak

    Suzi x

  2. Soooo gorgeous, I love her apartment!

  3. I soooo want to live there!

  4. I'm in LOVE with this post! So gorg!!

    Have a nice weekend! :)


  5. wonderful pictures! soo stylish:) x

  6. I'm a big fan of Lauren's too :)

    Emma xo

  7. Oh Lauren... The woman is gorgeous and what cool style she has. Love this!

  8. Me too, I love Conrad! She has a timeless style, that suits all girls!
    Great Blog post!