Sunday, 22 April 2012

Splashing in puddles

I was excited to see that it wasn't raining when I woke on Saturday morning. I put on some clothes, grabbed my wellies, Bambi, her lead and headed out for a rain free walk, or so we thought.

The pathways were muddy, the puddles were big and Bambi had no problem walking through the middle of them. On the way back home, the heavens opened and it hailed! We took shelter under a big Oak tree until it passed and quickly made our way back home before it started raining.

It was great to get out and see all of the trees blossoming with buds of green and the flowers with the array of colours. We made it home just in time before it rained for the next hour.

The best thing about this weather is the amazing rainbow when it does stop raining.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Dreaming of far off shores

It really does feel like it hasn't stopped raining all week. The sun started this morning off, which gave me hope for the day ahead, but unfortunately as I type the heavens have opened and it is raining again.

To help me get over the cold, dark and wet weather I have been day dreaming of far off shores and the amazing weather and lazy days. To help me visualise I have been pinning (on Pinterest) like a crazy woman and these are some of my favourite images that are making my day/week more bearable.

Source: Pinterest

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Recently I have started paying more attention to my Instagram account (better late than never...). Below are a selection of photos from my account that I wanted to share with the blog. 

They are random photos that I have taken while being out and about, including Lola and Bambi

My account is: @thekeypieces if you would like to follow me, or leave your user name in the comment box and I'll follow.

Sunday, 15 April 2012


In a small part of the desert in California this weekend has been a music and arts Festival known by the name of Coachella. Every year this festival is growing in popularity, so much so, all of the acts will also perform again next weekend. This year I have noticed it being mentioned on the TV, You tube, News, Twitter, my Pinterest feed and all over the web.

Even though this is a music festival, it is the style and fashion that has caught my eye and every year I love the Boho and Hippy trends that emerge.

I have pinned a few of my favourites from Pinterest and have shared the ones I like in this post.

The Fashion:

Hair styles:


Day and Night:

And, don't forget the drink:

Source: Pinterest