Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Honfleur - Part one

For my holiday this year myself, Chris, his sister and partner spent a blissful ten days in the small French fisherman village of Honfleur. 

The cobblestone streets all lead to the beautiful harbour that opens up to the brightly coloured restaurants, all to entice you inside. The restaurants serve mainly fish dishes (prawns, mussels, etc.) which meant I was in heaven.  

In this post I have included a few of my favourite photos (there are a lot) of some of the beautiful sights around Honfleur. 

As well as being a fishing village Honfleur is fill with history, art and antiques. The buildings are old, slightly crooked and weathered, the doors and windows are filled with personality and no two are the same.

I could wonder around the antique stores for hours, staring at the all the treasures and wondering what their stories were, from the big hand crafted wardrobes that could be the home to Narnia, the cutlery that is tarnished around the edges and the suitcases that are worn around the edges; the tales they could tell of the amazing places they have visited. 

While wondering round we came across a store that sold a great variety of ice creams and it was perfectly named; Louise. It must be fate. 


  1. Great pics, I love little French villages - they're always so picturesque and romantic!

  2. Beautiful pictures!

  3. Wow, I really like these pictures and you look great too. The one of the door is so unique.


  4. Aww this looks to be such a pretty and characteristic place to stay, hope you had a lovely time darling and thank you for sharing!

    Eda ♥

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  5. what camera do you use? those pics are really beautiful...

    seems like as if you had a wonderful time :)

    x Sandra

    1. Hi Sandra

      Thank you for your lovely comment and I'm glad you like the photos.

      I used my iphone (4S) to take these photos, I used the Instagram and Camera+ apps. My phone does surprise me with the beautiful photos it can take.

      Lou x

    2. Thanks for replying and WOW, I didn't expect that :)

      I thought 'bout getting an Iphone and you just convinced me that it would be the right thing
      to do, cuz one of the main reasons I want to get a different smartphone is that my current one's
      camera is not really good. If I would be able to take pictures half as "good looking" as the ones you took, I'd be a very lucky girl! :)

      Can't wait for another blog post of yours :)

      X Sandra

  6. Oh my goodness, this town looks amazing. I'm loving your blog. So glad I stumbled upon it.

    Catherine (your newest follower)
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  7. beautiful photos!


  8. How goorggeoussss xo Hope it's fun.... Art a la Rue

  9. looks like a fab time was had

  10. Honfleur is wonderful! I went there when visiting Normandy. The galettes were divine. You look really nice!

  11. Aaah I have such fond memories of Honfleur - playing in the harbour with my grandfather. Lovely shots xxx

    South Molton St Style

  12. wow, these pictures are beyond stunning. This really is a fabulous post, love. If you get a second, I'd love to hear what you think of my latest wedding post. xo


  13. The picture of the old suitcases has totally inspired me to do something with the old one I own! Looks lovely, I love old places like that.

  14. definetly dreamy! walking on streets like those, in towns like those makes one feel like inside a fairytale

  15. OMG!!!!! love it so much...

  16. wow this place looks amazing!!! I love small villages like that. The first photo reminds me of Copenhagen..

    btw, I am hosting a dress giveaway on my blog & I invite you to enter it :]

  17. Visiting Normandy is so amazing!
    Will you also be in Deauville?
    In Granville (unfortunately one hour by car away), stands the birthplace of Christian Diorincluding a small museum and a wonderful garden around ... If you want to make a longer trip!


  18. This is on the way to my house in Brittany - I'll have to stop off next time I'm on my way! x

  19. A beautiful post, thank you! We are also love with Honfleur, which with a little bit of history and some vintage postcards has led to this blog... http://honfleurthenandnow.blogspot.co.uk/ perhaps have a look if you have a minute? x

  20. oh wow - just caught this post in a thumb at the bottom of one of your recent ones - I went to Honfleur when I was about 10 and it holds such great memories for me. Hot rock to cook your own gambas and big bibs to wear... such a great holiday although I think we only stopped there for a day en route to somewhere else. It's Honfleur I remember though!

    ♥ Thankfifi