Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Weekend plans

At last, Chris and I have booked some time off of work and booked a weekend away. Even though our destination of choice isn't filled with guaranteed sun shine, there will be white(ish) sands and sea.

The reason for this mini break away, is a special Birthday for Chris and we wanted to spend it together and doing things we enjoy; mainly eating and drinking and what better place to go, than to Cornwall!

We will be heading to Falmouth on Friday morning and we've booked ourselves into a B&B over looking the sea. There are more fish restaurants than you can shake a stick at (I will be in heaven) and the town is filled with history. Can you tell I'm excited..

I haven't been to Cornwall since I was a child and my memories are filled with sitting on the Harbour wall, watching the little fishing boats come in, while feeding stray cats my pasty's!
To make me wish away the days, I have been pinning some amazing images of Cornwall and what I am hoping to expect.

Source: Pinterest

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


I love the surprise of finding photos on my phone that I haven't shared with my blog yet. These are a few that I have taken over the past few weeks. You can also view part one here

View from the bedroom window at sunrise



Pub garden

One of my favourite chesses 

Spent a Saturday gardening

View from the paddock outside the front of the house

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Tuesday, 14 August 2012


One thing that I am really bad at doing is framing artwork and prints. Chris and I have a number of them, still rolled up in tubes or laying flat in the packaging they arrived in.

I really want to get them up on the walls to show off to the world, but I struggle to find a great place that sells lots of different sized frames in a wide range of colours. So, if any of you know of a great place on line, please let me know!

Source: Pinterest

Monday, 6 August 2012

Images to daydream to...

Monday is upon us once again and it never changes. I find myself going to bed later on a Sunday night, just so Monday doesn't come around, but without fail it appears and I spend the whole of Monday sat at my desk half asleep and everyone else around me seems to of done the same thing.
To aid with my 'blahness' and try and make it all a bit easier. I save some images on my desktop that I can keep going back to when I need that five minute break, to take my mind off to a far off place and stare blankly at my screen.

The images are random and can be a wide mix of anything, a few are; yummy food that I would love to eat, a sunny beach that I would love to be at right now, hair, beauty or style of a random person that has achieved long hair, great polishing skills and an amazing wardrobe.

As I am feeling like I would love to curl up under my desk today, I would share the images with you. These images are from my Pinterest and Tumblr account.

Source: Pinterest and Tumblr