Tuesday, 14 August 2012


One thing that I am really bad at doing is framing artwork and prints. Chris and I have a number of them, still rolled up in tubes or laying flat in the packaging they arrived in.

I really want to get them up on the walls to show off to the world, but I struggle to find a great place that sells lots of different sized frames in a wide range of colours. So, if any of you know of a great place on line, please let me know!

Source: Pinterest


  1. I'm the same! I keep prints in books to keep them flat then forget I have them until I re-read or refer to the book I've stored them in. Some really great framing ideas here thanks for sharing :)

  2. well, I'm not sure if it's the best place but IKEA actually has a lot of frames in different color, shape and size. I'd
    take a look at their homepage or even go there to check them out ;)

    x, Sandra

  3. I love the build up of frames you have going on
    in these photos they actually look cool!

    I've just finished a post on prints
    -confession slight addicted.

    Muchos Smiles,
    bb, xoxo


  4. I actually kinda like the idea of a lot of framed pictures on one wall, I like the way it's done in the third picture :) c


  5. I love having lots of frames especially if they are in different sizes.

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  6. WOW amazing frames of pictures! What a collection of photos! I love pics in frames! We have them throughout our house too!!!!!

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