Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Valentino - Master of Couture exhibition

Time has flown since my last post and I have so much I need to blog about. My Birthday was at the end of November and Chris whisked me off to London for the day (slight exaggeration, we took the train)

He surprised me, by taking me to Somerset House to see the new Valentino - Master of Couture exhibition. Sorry for the image heavy post...

I walked around in awe and loved every minute of it, the whole exhibition was broken into three sections. The first section showed an insight into Valentino's private life; photos, letters news paper and magazine cuttings.

The second section, was my favourite. The scene was a catwalk, where we could walk up and down (and strut our stuff) while mannequins were dressed in haute couture designs in the audience section (a role reversal), all of the chairs had name cards of famous people who have worn Valentino's work.

The third section shows a detailed view of how the masterpieces are put together (mostly by hand) and where the design ideas originate from. Also included, was the amazing wedding dress of Princess Marie Chantal of Greece.   

I would recommend seeing this exhibition, to find out more information visit Somerset House.