Monday, 25 February 2013

Spring in bloom

I love having fresh flowers in the house, especially when it is dark and cold outside. Having bright, scented flowers on the kitchen table, the windowsill and on the fire place makes the house feel happier and the transition into Spring has begun.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Nails - OPI Bogota Blackberry & Topshop Panther

Bogota Blackberry by OPI is my favourite nail polish, out of all my nail polishes this is my go to colour and seems to work with everything (at least I think so).

To mix it up a bit and add a bit of sparkle I added Panther by Topshop to my ring fingers.

Monday, 18 February 2013


I love being able to capture a moment, that I will remember forever by a click of a button. My phone (iPhone 4S) is always by my side, it is always within easy reaching distance and hasn't (as yet) let me down.

To be able to take those photos and edit them, to draw out colours, add an effect and crop them is a plus, one of my most used apps on my phone is Instagtam, when I have completed the editing process I upload the photo to my Instagram home page, Twitter and Tumblr.

To be able to tie all of my Social Media outputs together, I put these posts together for my blog, to keep everything in one place.

If you would like to see more Instagram posts, please click here, here and here or click on the word 'Instagram' in the 'Labels' section below or type it into the 'Search' box.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum

One of my most favorite and new perfumes is Bottega Veneta by Bottega Veneta. This was a bit of a random purchase for me, I normally like to go to the store, smell a new fragrance a few times before I make up my mind and purchase. I had seen this perfume on the internet and read a few reviews and I fell in love. But you know the saying; "If it seems too good to be true, it normally is'.

I couldn't find this perfume anywhere, none of the stores near me didn't know anything about it, the perfume counters at airports didn't stock it and I was starting to give up hope (or pay the money to purchase it and cross my fingers that I liked it). When I was last up London, I paid a visit to Selfridges and my heart skipped a beat when I saw they had it in stock. I rushed up to the conter and it was love at first sniff, I gladly handed over my money to own the perfume that I had been searching for, for so long.

This is the description from the Bottega Veneta website, who wouldn't fall for a perfume after this write up?: 

Bottega Veneta, the eau de parfum, evokes the suppleness and sensuality of the house’s renowned leather goods. The fragrance, a leathery floral chypre, marries the olfactory language of the Venetian countryside—fresh meadows, mown hay, flowers, earth, and wood—with the gentle richness of leather in a creation crafted with the meticulousness of a master artisan. Combining soft, rounded curves and powerful shapes, a smooth outside and an intrecciato texture on the bottom, the Bottega Veneta bottle is an object that reveals its complexity only over time. The colors are signature Bottega Veneta: a brunito cap and collar, an ebano logo and a skin colored leather ribbon clipped with a brunito butterfly. The bottle itself, inspired by Venetian glasswork and the traditional Italian carafe, designed with an eye for timeless lines and resonant juxtapositions, is in every way a vessel of harmonious simplicity and perfectly balanced contradictions.

Everyone comments on this perfume and I love wearing it for day and evening, the bottle looks so pretty on my dressing table. 

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Snow Day

I finally found the battery charger for my camera (panic over), which means I can share some of the photos I took for the few days of heavy snow we had a few weeks ago.

Chris and I went for walk over the weekend when the snow had slowed down and I am always surprised to see how pretty in the area we live looks. I love the snow when it first falls, but after a few days, I can't wait for it to leave.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Superdrug - Conditioning Cuticle Oil pen

When a magazine like 'Vogue' quotes that a product has had this effect; 'The strongest nails we've ever had - by a long way'. It stops me in my tracks, I sit up in my seat and I pay attention. I love painting my nails, but the down side is that it leaves them thin, soft and they peel. I have tried so many lotions and potions and nothing seems to work, but could this be the answer to my hopes and dreams?

After reading the quote from this Vogue article online, I of course had to skim read to the bottom of the page to see the price. This tends to be the heart stopping moment, when the eyes have seen, the funny fluttery feeling starts in your tummy, you heart has fallen in love but your brain is pulling on the reins to prepare for the price and letting all the over excited elements in my body down. This has happened so many times, a dress in a magazine of on someones blog, you love it, it looks great, the colour is perfect - the list goes on and on and on, only to see the price. Oh, yes of course I have a small deposit for a house in my bank to spend on a dress. The dream comes to a crashing halt (even though I know exactly where I am going to wear it and planned the shoes and bags to go with it) stops there, I think you see where I am going with this.

£2.99!! The product that Vogue are quoted on saying that it gives them 'The strongest nails we've ever had - by a long way', is only £2.99. The Superdrug - Conditioning cuticle oil pen with vitamin E is a bargin, I don't even have to tell Chris (sheepishly) that I have bought it, a big woop woop in my book.

Once the cap, which doubles up as a cuticle push back hoof is removed, the barrel of the pen is squeezed to apply the oil to your cuticles with the brush applicator, massage the oil into your nail bed and use the 'hoof', if you wish to.

I have to comment of the smell of this product, it smells like the most amazing sweet from the 1980's, the ones filled with E numbers and artificial flavours, colours and preservatives (showing my age...), which of course this product is not filled with. I can't wait to have the strongest nails now.

*I bought this product with my own money and this is not a sponsored post. 

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Contrasting (People 2)

Following on from 'Contrasting (People 1)' post, I have some more Black & White images, that I love and wanted to share.

These images can be found on my Tumblr blog and Pinterest.

Source: Tumblr & Pinterest

Friday, 1 February 2013

Tim Walker exhibition

These are some sneak peak photos of the Tim Walker exhibition that has sadly now ended, but I wanted to share them with you.

Tim Walker: Story Teller, was held at Somerset House and supported by Mulberry (how great would that be...). Tim Walker is an amazing and creative fashion photographer, his work has featured in magazines and adverts and features some of the worlds most famous actors, actresses and models.

What makes Tim Walker so special is the props he uses in his photos. They range from over full sized planes, to large insects and giant rag dolls, but it is not only the props that grab the viewers eye, it is the make up and costumes that are set in a scenery that is confusing and leaves the person admiring the work with lots of questions.

In addition to the photos, we could walk round, between and under some of the props that were used in the photos and it really put into perspective the size of the set that would of been needed to make the photos work so well.

We ended the visit, by walking round Somerset House, looking around the small shops and admiring the amazing building, of course we had to take a photo of ourselves to remember the day by.

Have a great weekend.