Monday, 25 March 2013


The days and weeks of 2013 seem to be flying by, remember when you were a child and you would wish the days and weeks away until the next school break? Those are the days that seemed to drag their heels in the dirt and couldn't come soon enough. My Mam always told me not to wish time away and I would ignore her. Now, I am trying my hardest to cling onto those days and not let them pass by a blink of an eye (apart from the ones leading up to pay day - they can't come soon enough).

These are a few of my favourite images over the past few weeks that I have taken and put up on Instagram, I have added a small description at the bottom of each image, to mainly remind myself of the time I did... I ate... I saw... and of course share with my readers.

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Tower Bridge - London

The benefits of a morning run, seeing the sun rise

My home bathed in morning sunlight after my morning run

Chris went on a Sushi making course and he is addicted 

Chris' Sushi turned out well

This was the snow from the weekend: 23 March!! March!!

Chris is the cook in our house and makes some yummy meals

Trying to be healthy with what I eat


  1. Oh my goodness that sushi looks amazing!! So perfect!! And what is that last dish, with the mushrooms and rice? Stroganoff? It looks delish!

    Nancy |

  2. wow the 2nd photo is STUNNING!! I love the first one as well.
    & I can totally relate -- the time goes by sooo fast these days!

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