Monday, 29 July 2013

I need to jump back on to the wagon

One of my promises this year (this one started in March) was to improve my fitness and heath, you can read about it here or click the 'fitness' header at the top of the page.

It all started off well, but the month of May was a busy one, it involved very long hours in the office and my motivation went down hill. I wanted to stay in bed for as long as possible in the mornings and by the time I got home of an evening all I had time for was for some food and bed.

I then lost my rhythm, my holiday arrived (in June) which included a lot of relaxing and chilling out, so by the time I returned I had completely fallen off of the wagon. I have't been to the gym for three months, I was running a maximum of two times a month and was on the 'see food' diet, I see it, I eat it.

Change is needed and I need to catch up to this wagon (if it is going at a snails pace) and jump (a little jump) back on. To help me along my way and a post I am going to refer to a lot plus this past post I put together.

All images can be found on my Pinterest and Tumblr with the click through links to the source.

What do you use to keep you motivated? Please leave a comment with your answer.


  1. Great quotes here.. Very inspirational!


    Blog |  Winston & Willow



  2. I used to absolutely hate running, but I got into last summer, and then ditched it again when it got cold. Hoping to pick it back up soon!

    By the way, unrelated to the post, I really like your blog layout, and watercolour header! Very beautiful, simple and easy to navigate!

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