Thursday, 21 August 2014

It's been a while...

To be honest, it has been nearly 10 months! 

Life took over; I started a new job in November, had a big birthday, a close friends wedding, Bambi passed, took some time out for myself, rediscovered my love for yoga and completed the biggest challenge of my life to date, among other exciting activities too. 

I have spent the last few weeks thinking about my blog, what I enjoyed and miss, to this moment. I'm back and ready to share with you all again. 

So welcome, feel free to ask questions, leave comments and most of all enjoy. Here are a handful of images from the past few months, all can be found on my Instagram.

I haven't paid much care and attention to my blog, but still pinning and posting to my hearts content on Pinterest and Tumblr come and take a look.