Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Yoga clothes I'm loving and wanting...

The world of fitness clothes has expanded, think back to the last ten or even five years. The market is now so diverse, specialising for the sport/activity you like e.g. running, yoga, gym etc rather than buying a top or capri's that would cover your requirements but not 100% hitting the mark.

My new treat to myself is yoga clothes, especially now as I am taking part in the 60 day hot yoga challenge - yoga every day for 60 days at my local Red Hot studio! So who could really blame me for wanting a whole new yoga wardrobe?

Here is a snapshot of a few items I'm currently lusting over:

Sports bra
Sweaty Betty: Virasana Padded Yoga Bra - £38.00

Lululemon: Energy Bra - £42.00

Lululemon: Hold your Om bra - £45.00

Gap: Breathe low-back tank - £16.95

Lululemon: Swiftly Tech Racerback - £42.00

Gap: Drawstring top - £19.99

Deliciously Ella: Peace, Love & Yoga jumper - £35.00

Onzie: Capri pant, skull - £39.95

Onzie: Long legging, Bandana - £48.95

Lululemon: Om Pant - £82.00

I am always excited to find new brands to add to my collection (even better if they are not as expensive as Lululemon...)

Are there any brands I should be looking at and maybe even purchasing? Please let me know in the comments below.


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