Friday, 14 August 2015

90 day yoga challenge - completed

On Saturday, I completed my Red Hot Yoga 90 day challenge (I've previously mentioned it here) and I am beyond over the moon with myself.

I started the challenge with the aim of reaching 30 days, but I found myself being drawn in and loved what I was achieving - strength, flexibility, reduced anxiety (I'm a massive worrier), I learnt to breathe and take each day as it comes, instead of worrying about things out of my control in the far off distant future.

I carried on through to 60 days and was left wanting more, I decided to keep going all the way through to 90 days. I loved the challenge and the overall effect. For at least one hour every day, it was me and my mat, I was focusing on myself and the results were life changing for my mind, body and soul - so much so a huge light switch clicked for me and I realised what I want to do for the next step of my yoga adventure.

I'm going to take my yoga training further, my eyes and heart have been opened and in October I will be leaving for Costa Rica (a country I have fallen head over heels in love with) to complete my yoga teacher training. I am so excited (as well as very nervous) but can't wait to share this new experience with other yogi's who are on the same journey as me. 

Everyone at Red Hot Yoga in Guildford, Surrey have been amazing over the past 90 days. If you are in the Guildford area, make sure you book in for a class. I can't recommend them enough! They are all a great bunch people and I have made some amazing friends along the way.

I knew 2015 was going to be a special year, but never realised just how much! 

The above photo was taken in Costa Rica, in front of Kelsey Montague's beautiful wings artwork.


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