The internet is filled with some amazing blogs and websites that I can can lose hours in reading.

Reading blogs is one of my favourite past times, I love finding new blogs to read and also staying true to the blogs I love and find myself visiting a number of times week. I have moved my focus from reading mainly style blogs to expanding to yoga and XXXXX blogs.

The links below are some of my favourites that I always make sure I have time to read.

Rachel Brathen - Yoga Lifestyle
Rachel Brathen aka Yoga Girl - I have fallen head over heels in love with her. She is a yogi who is open, honest, shares her good days and her bad ones, that equals a lot of respect! I don't only read her blog but follow her on Instagram and Facebook where is posts more often. 

The Adventures of Dennis & Rachel
Rachel doesn't only have her own blog, but she shares one with her husband - Dennis. The both update this blog with stories, activities and great photos of their life. Why have one blog when you can have two. :) 

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